peaceful jewelry hand made in the heartland with the best intentions

Wäkenspün Metalwerks


Small business owner here. 

My, how our worlds have changed in 2020 and mine, which used to orbit around my dog and my travel to art shows across the country is now centered here, on my website. Even though my dog still has center orbit, I now regularly work as a photographer, a graphic designer, a writer and a digital marketer. It’s a lot of hats for someone who’s main vocation is jewelry artist. I am learning to wear all my new hats at the same time but they still topple off regularly so check back often 'cause things are always changing. If you want to sign up for my VIP group, you will get extra stuff like first look at new work, discounts, and other offers, as I think of cool stuff to share with you. Your time spent here is not the same as when we used to see each other face to face, but I will do my best to keep our connections fresh through social media and will share with you the shows that have changed to a virtual platform. Thank you for visiting today and until our world changes again, and it will, I want you to know how thankful I am to connect with you here.


4321 Felton Place

Madison, WI


(608) 520-4180


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