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peaceful jewelry hand made in the heartland with the best intentions

Wäkenspün Metalwerks


Do you ever feel like Veruca Salt?

Daaadeee, I want it NOW!

Living in a world of 1 day delivery and text messages on cell phones, photo sharing, social media, instant news, personalized ads for exactly what I need and mountains of sources at my fingertips, the internet has made it possible for me to get what I want whenever I want it and it has made me grow accustomed to instant gratification. 

I am spoiled. Like Veruca. 

When I am forced to spend time searching for something I get annoyed.

I have realized lately that with the exception of my dog, I have evolved into a thinking pattern that doesn’t make time for anything. It works on the premise that everything is instantaneous.

My apps are constantly upgrading themselves for my convenience.

I can change my mind about a subject 5 times a day based on the current info I read delivered right to my face — wherever I am. And, I can comment in an instant for the world to see and I don’t even have to worry about spelling.

That’s why making is so important. Every time I make something it anchors me to the planet and reminds me that it is the act of adding my hand made mark to a piece of metal that makes my difference in the instant digital world. Every time I wear a hand made adornment I am reminded of the creative energies of humans and the connection it has with our survival.

Thank you for visiting my place holder in the digital world and taking the time to look through the items I spent time making with my own hands. I hope you find something that helps connect you with the earth.


4321 Felton Place

Madison, WI


(608) 520-4180

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