peaceful jewelry hand made in the heartland with the best intentions

Wäkenspün Metalwerks


The only constant is change. 

Last year, as I worked to accept my new life of isolation and staying home, I found all new challenges and joys. I was able to spend every day with my blind dog Boo. He is 15 and I think the extra time we had together has been healing for both of us. I spent time in my front yard with a shovel and found immense creative joy completely transforming it into an ecological art project. Without a plan, and my only goal to eliminate the grass monoculture, it became my therapist throughout the summer while I watched art fairs reschedule and then cancel, reschedule and cancel again. I seriously stressed about how we would get through this and where we would be in even a week or a month. I turned my attention to my computer learning new marketing and web management skills that will hopefully, serve me into the future. I watched the grief and turmoil evolve throughout the world feeling simultaneously so much empathy and so much detachment. And, now the constant of change is pushing me to what seems like a finish line and a starting gate at the same time. Many of the art events I participate in had to cancel for 2021. The ones that remained changed dates. They changed venues. I am changed and my work is changed. I am so grateful to be able to participate in these events and updating my web page to reflect that feels surreal. I approach the future differently with adjusted intentions, brand new hopes and even though I’d like to say I threw it out during the journey, I still have my bucket of fears, although it has been rearranged.

We all likely have indelible marks from our individual travels through the last year. One of those marks for me is my gratitude for those of you who continue to support me and others like me who are doing our best to keep the world artful, thoughtful and hand made. I can’t thank you enough. 


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