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peaceful jewelry hand made in the heartland with the best intentions

Wäkenspün Metalwerks


Jill Schienle currently lives in Madison, WI where she has been creating art, particularly jewelry, to take on the road in honor of her mother in an attempt to prove that you can make a living as an artist.

Jill studied art and art history at the University of Wisconsin in the 1970's. When it became clear that peace and love were not going to last through the decade and after seeing an Alexander Calder exhibit at the Houston Museum of Art, she zeroed in on metal work as her chosen profession. It took another 20 years to achieve that goal.

Getting her start in the discipline of drawing, Jill's emphasis in jewelry has been on the quality of line while playing with the impact of light and dark. Much of the work is presenting the challenge of capturing the largest impact through the use of negative space and kinetics. Her current work explores the themes of age, time and measurement. 


4321 Felton Place

Madison, WI


(608) 520-4180